Our History

The Food Bank of Nevada County began in 1986, as a small group of citizens who banded together to attempt to alleviate hunger in our community.Our organizational structure began with the founder who appointed several assistants to help distribute food. As we grew, members of the community offered volunteer and organizational assistance. We contacted food retailers as well as distributors and asked for their food products. Gradually, our list of suppliers grew, and some began to donate on a regular basis. The food was then sorted and channeled through our volunteers for distribution to those in need.We also hold twice-yearly food drives. We receive monies from FEMA, United Way, and the County of Nevada, Department of Housing and Community Development. We rely, as we have since we were founded in 1986, upon foundations, corporations, as well as the private sector and concerned individuals, for eighty percent of our funding.

The Food Bank of Nevada County is one of the smallest food banks in Northern California. With limited reserves, we serve an area whose population is primarily retired, and whose economic base is recreational. As a consequence, our county includes a great many economically disadvantaged individuals and families. The Food Bank of Nevada County excludes no one in need from our services; persons of all race, creed, sex, religion, age, and national origin, are welcome to partake in our program.