A Great Holiday Union


Helping to restock our food supply for the Food Bank, the Union Newspaper held a Holiday Food Drive on Friday December 7th--at their business site, located at 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley.

The Drive will started at 8AM and continued until 1PM. 

Acceptance of various food donations and monetary donations
were graciously welcome!

When you brought in your donation you were eligible to enter into a drawing with the chance to win a set of four CHOCOLATE INFUSION TICKETS!
(Courtesy of The Union)


Community Food Drive

Lake of the Pines 2nd Annual Drive


Our South Nevada County neighbors pitched in once again to gather foods to help support and supply our hometown  Food Bank of Nevada County. 

Details listed on the  featured flyer.

Bag drop off was from 7AM to 5PM on Friday Dec 7th. 

(Funding donations were also welcome!) 

"Tis the Season for Giving" 

A special thanks, to the Lake of the Pines community
for all their sincere efforts!


Successful FOOD DRIVE!


Fall is the season at the Food Bank of Nevada County when efforts are joined with KCRA and our community’s local schools, when we come together to end child hunger as best we “CAN!”; therefore, we happily took part in the support of the  2018 KCRA "KIDS CAN"  Food Drive!

The  Food Bank of Nevada County has been involved since 2003 in support of  this wonderful Food Drive in donating canned and non-perishable foods to  help those in need.

Many schools in our local region stepped up to join in and take part of this giving event. This year thirteen schools  registered and had the provided KCRA donation boxes located in different areas of their school. Some had even stepped  up in competing within their own classes.

The drive began on  October 8th and ran until November 2nd this year. For more information  on KCRA “KIDS CAN” food drive you can contact the Food Bank of Nevada  County or go to 


Very Grateful to our Community!

Food Bank's Annual Turkey and Canned Food Drive!


Our local annual Turkey Food Drive for the   Food Bank of Nevada County was sponsored by KNCO Radio Live and located at our home town Save Mart Grocery Store. The Food Bank Truck was present in the Save Mart parking lot from 10AM through 6PM WEDNESDAY November 14th.

We certainly Appreciate and are Thankful for all Donations!

We hope you all had a very HEALTHY and safe THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY!


2018 Past Events


Nevada County Grown Farm Trail

The Food Bank of Nevada County  participated in the Nevada County’s first annual Farm Trail Weekend on July 7 & 8, 2018, which ran from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day. Agricultural members of Nevada County Grown  joined together to celebrate the bounty that Nevada County has to offer.  It was a day exploring the county’s beautiful tapestry of pastoral farms woven together by the heritage of farmers and ranchers with a commitment to local food production.

Participating farms and gardens, including the Toni Thompson Memorial Garden, opened their spaces to the public on this special weekend. There was the opportunity to tour the farms and ranches and see their operations in action.There was a chance to learn about their practices directly from the producers and be able to purchase value-added products as well. 

For the list of participating farms and ranches
check out the NCG Farm Trail website.


Toni Thompson Memorial

Saturday, July 7th, 2018 from 10am to 8pm, during the
Nevada Grown Farm Trail, the Food Bank launched its newly named garden, with a community party.

Sadly, our community lost a true friend when Toni Thompson (former Food Bank Director) passed away. With help from Sean Sullivan,
the upcoming Food Bank’s Garden Coordinator,
(and local Chef), Sean, will be doing his best to help,
in bringing the garden back to life.
Hopefully, the garden will harvest fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables for those in need and more. There are many optimistic ideas for some inviting special events and classes to utilize the garden space.
The Food Bank is always in need of volunteers
and items to complete the garden.
Please contact the Food Bank of Nevada County.

Click below for more information on the garden. 

Toni Thompson Memorial Garden