Under the following conditions, we at the Food Bank are happy to serve you. We have a staff of volunteers that drive their own vehicles and bring the boxes of food to your home. This occurs in the morning, on the third Wednesday of each month.

The Food Bank of Nevada County operates direct-service programs for home-bound individuals and seniors, low-income families with children, and individuals:

  • You may qualify to receive food deliveries to your home if you have a doctor's certification (letter) of a physical condition prohibiting movement from your home.

  • You must be home to let the drivers into your home, and you must sign for the food delivery.

  • If for any reason, you have to be away from home, you must call the Food Bank and advise us of that fact.

  • If you are going to be gone for a short time, like a doctor's appointment, you may leave a note on your door advising the driver to leave your food with a neighbor who will sign for it.

  • Our drivers are courteous, conscientious, and will make every effort to deliver your food, but will not leave the food on your doorstep.

  • We require two weeks advance notice of any new participants in this program.

All of us at the Food Bank are anxious to help you in any way we can during your time of need. All we ask is that you help us help you.



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