The Food Bank collects and distributes nutritious high-quality food to help people who cannot afford to buy groceries.

Low-income people of all ages are welcome: regardless of immigration status.
  You will be treated with dignity and respect.

Monthly Food Distributions

We distribute community-donated food and USDA commodities from four locations in Nevada County throughout the month. To find out if you qualify, you may call our office at 530-272-3796, or visit one of our sites. For site locations and times, please click here. (download a pdf file)

Outreach Program

If you are unable to make it to a distribution site due to a medical condition and qualify for USDA commodities based on income guidelines, then you are eligible to be in our Outreach Program. Please read our Outreach Guidelines, and call our offices at 530-272-3796. We require a doctor's note to verify that you are homebound.

Project H.O.P.E

1) School Snack Program

The Schools Snack Program was set up in 2004, to feed school children who would otherwise go hungry until lunch. Since the beginning of the School Snack Program, teachers have noticed an increase in the level of attention from their class and an overall improvement in the grades of the children who were not previously eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast. All snacks are nutritious and low in sugar.

Contact your child's school to find out if they have a program receiving services from the Food Bank and if your child is eligible to attend. If you are an instructor with a program or classroom that you feel can use the help of Project H.O.P.E., please contact our office at (530) 272-3796, Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 2 PM. Below are some statistics of the program.

School Year 2011-2012

  • Total schools: 12
  • Total kids: 1575
  • Total snacks: 7875 weekly

School Year 2010-2011

  • Total schools: 17
  • Total kids: 1899
  • Total snacks: 9495 weekly

School Year 2008-2009

  • Total schools: 17
  • Total kids: 2,307
  • Total snacks: 11,535 weekly

2) Summer Lunch Program

The Summer Lunch Program was set up for the low-income children who would normally qualify for free or reduced lunches during the school year. We distribute lunches Monday through Friday for 10 weeks in the summer, running right up to the day school starts.

All lunches that we supply are government mandated to be healthy and balanced. Each year we provided 4,500 lunches to hungry children in Nevada County. To find out where lunches are distributed or to become a Summer Lunch site, please contact our office at (530) 272-3796. (back to top)



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